Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zimmerman - and (some of) my issues with his trial... or with his claims

I TOTALLY COPIED this comment from another website - to which I am NOT giving credit because there is a LOT of hate on it, quite frankly, but this was one of the well thought out comments: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "His (Zimmerman's) wounds are small and the blood isn't flowing down the back of his head. It's trickling in indivdual rivulets, toward his left ear, and the right side of his head. It appears as though he's bent over for the photo to be taken. A glimpse of Trayvon's gray sweatshirt and possibly his hand is in the upper right corner. If these wounds were made by pavement, they wouldn't be so neat and sharp (and only two, with the pounding his allegedly received?) The blood would have flowed down the back of his head when he stood up. He claims he was trying to get to the grass while Trayvon was on top of him, hence the grass and dampness on his coat. He never put his head on the ground? Where's the dirt and grass that should be stuck to the blood? Most people when injured try to feel the injuries. The blood isn't smudged or smeared. He jumps up from being beaten nearly unconscious and has someone take photos of the back of his head? Who is this person? He claims to have seen powder burns on Trayvon's sweatshirt. How is that possible when he was shot in the chest and found face down? Did this person hit Zimmerman in the head and help him turn the body over?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~