Monday, July 8, 2013

Zimmerman - and (some of) my issues with his trial... or with his claims

Uh huh... so there's a guy on the stand now explaining MMA style fighting (mixed martial arts). He is a defense witness, and he's kinda sorta like an "expert" in MMA fighting. One of Georgie's friends/witnesses, you see, was the first to mention MMA style fighting (at least he was the first person I ever heard mention it). He (the earlier witness) claimed Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and doing an MMA style "ground and pound" on Zimmerman. I got a problem with that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My problem is, the defense is suggesting that Zimmerman is actually the one who has knowledge of MMA fighting. So... how is it that he could not find a way to FIGHT BACK -- with his damn fists, feet (and shrewd brain power) if, indeed, Trayvon Martin started punching him?!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And I'm thinking... guys... dudes... they FIGHT. I have asked a lot of the males I know if, 1, they've ever been in a fight, 2, did they FIGHT BACK, and 3, during the fight, did they REALLY ever feel like their life was in jeopardy... or... did they just basically feel like they were going to beat up the opponent. They all pretty much said they just felt like they were going to end the FIGHT with a FIGHT, not with a DAMN GUN being shot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just sayin'... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~