Sunday, October 14, 2012

TD Jakth thed I'm creative*, tho...

I just realized I'm almost at the end of my work week. I'm taking off early on my "Friday". (I put quotes around "Friday" to signal that I do not have the traditional M-F work week.) But anyway, I have a tremendous amount of glee knowing that I'll be away from work soon. However, on the morning of the day before I go back to work, my mood will change, as I will already have begun to think about my return to work.

So, aside from my job being one of the most miserable places on the planet to be, I would have to say that, in America, one of the most miserable places to be is in the lobby of your local cable company.  You know why, and I know you agree, so I’m done with that thought.

Sometimes I think I have ADD.  I have laughed about this with a friend of mine.  We don’t stay interested in things for long.  Or… we forget things. I don’t remember which it was, and I don’t care. Next topic!

I bite my fingernails.  Not so badly that my nails look horrific, but… I bite them.  I can control the urge for a couple days; long enough to let nails grow long enough to bite again.  I don’t polish my nails.  I mean, I just said, I bite them!

Do you fight sleep?  I do. I see daytime sleep as a sign of weakness. It’s probably a sign of weakness to think that.  Sleeping at night is when we’re supposed to sleep, so to get sleepy in the day, to me, means I would look weak if I fell asleep.  I know, you are now thinking I should seek counseling. Whatever.
* Now regarding TD Jakes' claim that I am creative, he actually said we are all creative. I heard him say this on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday". Okay, so... creative I am! Creative you are!

Friday, October 5, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012


Okay, so went and did it!  They CHANGED the way my page looks     the way my DASHBOARD looks!  Why? Why must you make changes??  But there's nothing I can do about it, right?  That's what you're saying to me -- I know you are. I KNOW you ARE! Alright, fine!  I'll move on! Whatever!

I'll make this entry like the Twitter page I don't have.  It's 3:06pm Eastern Daylight Time.  Warm, but cloudy.  I'm chewing on some barbeque barbecue chips. Mesquite. You're surprised I'm eating chips? Why? I eat crap just like everybody else! Of course, I get to say that I also did my weights routine today.  That's probably all the MORE reason I should have chosen my apple over the chips, but... wait! I know what happened! I was so emotionally distraught over the CHANGES at that I had to soothe myself with unhealthy foods! Did I mention I just had some Chinese food? Well, just don't tell anybody else.