Monday, February 2, 2015

The Super Bowl FLOP of 2015!

Are you kidding me?!  Did Pete Carroll actually just call a play to THROW a football when his team is just a couple yards from the end zone? Wow. Immediately, I'm thinking "Okay, this game was rigged." Not only did the Seahawks just throw the ball at a stupid time in the game, they just THREW the game! That's the only logical explanation!

So, I'm not even upset about that ending. I mean, I'm disgusted, I'm feeling a sense of having wasted my time watching the game, because, to me, that ending was ... befuddling. Yes, I wanted the Seahawks to win. Had they used up ALL their downs by trying to RUN the ball in from the 2? 3? yardline, and they failed to DO it, THEN I would have been heartbroken. But this? Please!

And I guess the Patriots should act like they actually won the game, I mean CHEATERS are not notorious for doing the right thing, so ... might as well take a "win" any way you can get it. Look, I'm mature enough to acknowledge that the Patriots might possibly have won the game had the Seahawks tried to score by running. But! -- we will never know -- unless the person(s) who RIGGED this game come forward! Just sayin'...
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