Friday, December 7, 2012

If the taxes that the Republicans want to keep REALLY made a difference in the economy, then we wouldn't be in this mess, would we??  Their argument just doesn't make any sense.

I mean...  Okay, they keep saying that small business owners wouldn't hire anyone if their taxes went up.  But then that would mean that their taxes are apparently just where they want them to be right now, right? And yet... no one is getting hired.  We are still in a remarkably bad way, economically.  So... what the FUCK are Republicans saying!?!?  What I really, really, REALLY wish, is that Republicans (or ALL people who are bigoted or racist) would simply own up to it!  Just stop frontin' and OWN UP TO YOUR BIGOTED WAYS!  Why are bigots and racists and bullies SO cowardly and incapable of standing tall and proud in their bigotism and racism and bullyism? Why?