Friday, September 7, 2012


...and I don't mean the monetary kind of change, I mean the kind where something is one way, one moment; one day, and another way the next moment or the next day. I guess I would have to say that, generally speaking, I am not keen on change when it happens without my input. Like, if I am using a service, say... this blog page, and they just up and say "hey, a change is coming!" I don't like that.

It seems hardly democratic to *make* me change the way this blog page looks. I *like* this blog page and don't feel like changing it, but, in order to continue to use it, I *have* to change it at some point in the very near future. I know this because, each time I log in, there is a notice telling me so.

Anyway, it's a minor issue, Just Sayin'... I'm not happy to have to make the change. Better be some good choices from which to pick!