Friday, September 14, 2012

The pain of NOT changing...

Just to follow up with the resistance I have to change... today, I was searching for some sneakers. I started my search a couple of weeks ago, but I left the stores empty-handed because I didn't like the prices, for one thing, but mostly because I'm not particularly feeling the neon color scheme going on right now. Yeah, yeah, sure, the colors ARE snazzy and all, but... I just don't want neon colors on my feet! Why is that wrong? It MUST be wrong, otherwise, you'd think I'd be able to get a ____ing pair WITHOUT the neon!! It's utterly painful for me to have my own vision in mind of what I want, and then be FORCED into CHANGING that vision! Sheer PAIN!

~BREAKING NEWS~ I found a pair. I wanted/needed Asics*. Got 'em. Right price, decent color.

*Ordinarily, I'm not a brand name buyer. But, I've had some issues with my foot - ongoing issues with my right foot (like a ridiculously extended period of plantar fasciitis) - and the podiatrist suggested Asics. I tried them (along with the cheap [$20] Walk-Fit shoe inserts) and my discomfort went away. I wanted to try a second pair of Asics to see if it's the shoe, or if it was just luck that my foot got better.