Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here’s some of what I might've been sayin’… had I done today’s show:

I realize I’m in the minority, but, I don’t care whether Hillary Clinton had a private email server and did or didn’t write/send private or personal emails over which one. I. Don’t. Care. But, first of all, I wish the media would stop referring to her as a 2016 presidential candidate. Again, I don’t care if all the pundits in the world correctly determine that she will run for the presidency again. SHE has not yet said she will, so leave it the hell alone! Just STOP! Let her make her own announcement, and when/if she does, then she will officially BE so, but I don’t like all this “guessing” nonsense.

Do I want her to run? Honestly? Nope. Not because I don’t like her. In fact, I DO like Hillary Clinton. Enough. But, I really just want the woman to rest. For her own sake, I personally, would rather she just rest. However old she is now (67?) well, we’re talking the next eight – 10 years of her life, should she win (2x). 
And being president ages you. A LOT. So … I just want her to rest. I want her to take time for herself.

But back to the emails. I don’t care. I know you’re going to tell me I should care. I actually think her emails were SAFER on her own private server. And, whoever she emailed, if they were in the government, wouldn’t those emails be on the government’s servers? I mean, wouldn’t the recipient’s copy of the email be on the government server?

I hope the Ferguson police know to consider that ANYONE could have done that sniper-type shooting which ended up with two police officers being wounded. I’m paying very close attention to the words interviewees are using and I don’t need to hear any one imply, suggest, allude to the idea that the person(s) behind the shooting is/are black. I really, really hope the authorities have enough sense to consider the shooter(s) could have been ANYONE. Meaning, ANYONE of ANY race, or gender, or ANY combination. Now, occasionally, police profiling seems in order – the kind like they do on TV’s Criminal Minds. And I’m not trying to be funny, ‘cause this is serious, but for example, women are NOT notorious for sniper-style shooting, and neither are black people. Just sayin’ …

You know how some of you feel like Bill and Hillary simply cannot be trusted? You know how you can’t/don’t want to trust that Hillary is honest (enough) and wasn’t trading secrets (or whatever you think she was doing with her emails)? Yeah, well, the same goes for the officers in Ferguson (and surrounding areas). It has now been proven (speaking of emails) that there was some racism and bigotry at work there, so … how are we supposed to trust that they are even being smart about their search?

And Ferguson is small! You don’t have any suspects? Hm. … Okay …

I like watches ‘n stuff? In fact, I have a bit of a watch collection. The Apple watch will not be part of it. Just sayin’ …

Yet another of God’s miracle stories. Thank You, God, for giving us this story of hope.

Two more troubled people who were/are “drowning” and just need some help. Will You, Lord, please help them and their families? I pray for a recovery for Bobbi Kristina and … Wow, Nick Gordon desperately needs help too.

And the WORLD, Lord – please save us!

So that’s kinda what I would have talked about had I done the show today.

I might have closed with a song like this:

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